I’m a specialist in the field of sustainable fashion with over ten years experience. I share my knowledge about sustainability through writing, consulting & teaching. I’m also developing a Clothing as a service model for the fashion industry and I consult companies how to create new service-based business models within this system.

I share my views on sustainable fashion through  Vihreät Vaatteet website, a database for sustainable clothes established in 2008 (in Finnish).

My background is in design and I have worked as a fashion designer for several years both in the world of sportswear and work wear.  During years 2008-2011 I ran a sustainable fashion webstore. In 2010 I founded the clothing label Nurmi, which was one of the forerunners in sustainability and transparency. The label was in operation during years 2010-2015.

More about my work on LinkedIn.


Anniina Nurmi
anniina.nurmi  ( a-t )  gmail.com
+358 (0)50 412 2321

Twitter: @nurmianniina
Instagram: @nurmianniina

Currently on maternity leave.


Media coverage

Turun Sanomat 8/2017

Kauppalehti   5/2017

Etelä-Suomen Sanomat   5/2017

Vihreä Lanka   3/2017

Image   2/2017

Etelä-Suomen Sanomat / 2016

Kauppalehti Optio / 2015

Helsingin Sanomat / 2015

Yle / 2015


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