Website Vihreät Vaatteet, 2008 –


During my fashion design studies I started to question my career choice: How could I have the same sustainable values as a designer as I have as a consumer? This led me to searching information about how sustainability and fashion can be combined. This was in  year 2006 when there was not that much info available – but after persistently googling for hours and hours and reading books from other fields I was able to gather more and more knowledge.

In spring 2008 I thought that all this information I had gathered could be useful to others as well and I started writing a blog called Vihreät Vaatteet (in English Green Clothes) in Finnish. It was great to see that this database about materials, labels, production processes (and everything else concerning green clothes!) was desired and the site gained a wide audience within Finland.

Nowadays the Vihreät Vaatteet site is not updated as frequently as before as my time is limited. But you can read my thoughts about sustainable design from this website!


Torvi, 2015


I designed a pattern for the legendary bar Torvi located in Lahti, Finland. They black & white pattern stems from the Torvi logo and can be used as a bigger pattern or as a single motif.

The denim vests are upcycled out of second hand jackets found from flea markets. The material for T-shirts and bags is Fair trade organic cotton.