RIP RINS – long live ‘Clothing as a service’

Changes. There has been a lot of them during the past year. At the end of 2015 I took a time-out with Nurmi clothing label and since then I have been developing a clothing rental service. During the year the concept has changed many times as we have been testing and pivoting. The current concept, RINS platform, has been developed into a good, compact concept.

But. I won’t execute it.


Lately I have thought a lot about my role in this concept and come to the conclusion that I won’t build the platform myself. Instead, I will start developing these kind of clothing rental services in general.

I want to be part in building a ‘Clothing as a service’ model for the fashion industry and I wish to concentrate on developing new concepts and working towards a systemic change. I wouldn’t have time for this development work when days would be filled with running the actual platform.

The development work and testing during the last year has been really valuable and with all this knowledge it’s much easier to develop the concept further. I will openly share the main principles of RINS and guidelines of what ‘Clothing as a service’ means. In addition to this open source material I will offer my knowhow to companies wanting to create their own concepts within this model. These companies can be new startups, existing companies (clothing stores, labels, department stores etc.).

One way how I will share information will be the Vihreät Vaatteet website (in English Green Clothes). The site about sustainable fashion which I established in 2008 has not been updated that much during the past years but now the site will be renewed totally, with the help of a grant by Kone Foundation: I will update the site and share current knowledge about sustainable fashion, circular economy and the ‘Clothing as a service’ model (in Finnish).

I do believe that ‘Clothing as a service’ is the future of fashion. I strongly encourage new startups and established companies to start developing your own business models within this system – if you want to gain a forerunner position!