Vihreät vaatteet – sustainable fashion guide book & website

Vihreät vaatteet (in English Green Clothes) is a website and a booklet which guides you to the world of sustainable fashion. I have founded the website in 2008 and during the years it has become one of the leading sources of information when it comes to sustainable clothing.

During spring 2017 the website was updated, both the content and the visuals.

In addition to the website I created a printed sustainable fashion guide book which includes articles, information and interviews. The booklet was targeted to consumers and was distributed through design stores in various cities in Finland. It got a lot of positive feedback for its interesting content and appealing graphics which were both done by me.

You can read the full online version of the Vihreät vaatteet guide book here.

The project – including the website update and the guide book – received a grant by Kone Foundation.